Chick Book

Here's the thing; we need stories. LOTS of stories!

Charity had this amazing idea, and we're following through!
We are currently in the process of collecting true stories from Alaska Chicks around the state, and I've already had the privilege of reading some great ones, many of which will be included in our project; a book we're calling 'Tough Alaska Chicks'! We're hoping to publish it sometime in 2014, but to do that, we are in DESPERATE need of true stories.

If you're a tough Alaskan chick and would like to share your story with us, or if you know a chick who has a great Alaskan story, please submit it to us at

If your submission is included, you will receive a free gift from Alaska Chicks Co., so don't miss out! Also feel free to email us with any questions. :)

That email again is
I'm so excited to read your stories! Hope to hear from you soon.

-Kaitie Rock, Editor

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