Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Weekend Project-Making a Bench!

This weekend we did some work in the good ole garage! I had this long king size headboard that I had wanted to turn into a bench for a long time, and finally got to it this weekend! I bought this headboard from a girl in Wasilla who had already upcycled it! She added fabric to the back and painted it cream. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to make it into a bench!


I didn't want to have to buy legs for this bench (which can be costly) , so I had an idea! I had this old end table I got at a garage sale this past summer. I used it all summer long as a little work table, hence the paint marks all over it! I figured we could use those legs and incorporate them into the bench.


We added some more wood and voila!


Then I decided to paint it black to match the fabric on the back.



I took off the drawer pulls that were originally on the back of the headboard, because I figured most people don't want them poking their back when sitting down! And I wasn't too thrilled about the looks of em either.  So I added the metal accents that I had in my stash! Then I distressed and sealed it! It is now available for purchase in our Palmer retail location, inside Cover Ups at 840 S Colony Way, Palmer, Alaska 99645. There are also many more benches available for sale made out of headboards, old doors, or anything unique we find!

We love to upcycle, create and design one of a kind unique pieces for your homes! Thanks for taking the time to read about this project! We hope to start getting better at posting more projects we do!! (I am not very good at sitting down at the computer for long periods of time, but am trying!) :)


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  1. Great job re-purposing a headboard and end tables. My mom bought one using a headboard & footboard from a bead. She loves it. We picked it up @ Cranberry Cottage. You guys did a fantastic job on yours. It won't last long. We saw a quilt rack made out of an old baby crib. They also make benches out of baby cribs. Thank you for sharing your beautiful bench. I love it.