Friday, October 11, 2013

1st Alaska Chicks Photo Contest Winners

The task of selecting the winners of our 1st Alaska Chicks photo contest was a hard one for sure. We received more than 200 entries and difficultly narrowed the field to three winners and sixteen honorable mentions.

As we really had a great time doing this contest, we wanted to give at least a little prize for those who are being honorably mentioned: a $10 Alaska Chicks gift certificate for each. The gold medal winner is awarded with a $50 Alaska Chicks gift certificate, the silver medal winner gets a $25 Alaska Chicks gift certificate and the bronze medal winner takes home an Alaska Chicks headband of her choice.


Emily Henriques in first place for her outstanding photo of the Northern Lights. Look at her, she's like shouting "Freedom, here I am!". And the scenery is beautiful. That's why we picked her for number one.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="511"]Emily Henriques Northern Lights 1st Alaska Chicks Photo Contest or "God, send me more 'cause I'm lovin' it!".[/caption]

 View full photograph here

Kerry Howard with the silver medal for her peaceful photograph of horses crossing a river. Very beautiful and relaxing.

2nd kerry howard alaska chicks photography contest

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And Laurie Johnson in third place for multiplying Alaska by 2: it's a mirror. Loved it!

3rd laurie johnson photo alaska chicks photography contest

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The honorable mentions are for: Brianna N. Bowen, Cady Mills, Carrie Casey, Corey Herbert, deblar, Elizabeth Ferguson, Heather Reyes, Iris Booth, Kaydi Marckesano, Kelsey Paveglio, Nancy Henricksen, Natalie Cadieux, Nicole Flynn, Rayette McGlashan, Shawna Rinas and Tracy Benson.

Find these and all participating photos in the gallery or visit the album on Facebook.

Thank you all for sending us your pictures of what you love about Alaska!